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Business law individual research assignment


In law of contracts, estoppel is a principle used by the court to enforce promises that have been made and subsequently relied upon (Wise Greek, n.d.). Estoppel restricts the party’s ability to contravene his promise. It is a legal enforcement of promises to prevent the unjust result.
The following essay mainly contains three parts to analysis estoppels. Firstly, it is about the historical development which involves the development of the law of the estoppel and importance in preventing the inequitable outcomes of common law. Then, it is the part of suitability and changing in Australian position which analysis with two cases. One is Wantons’ stores Ltd v Maher. The other one is
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Australian position of estoppel

The principle of promissory estoppel was first adopted in Australia law is in Legione v. Hateley (1983), about the main part of the procurement contract of land. Specify the terms of the contract description as the fundamental basis of the contract.
Undeniable influence points out of a rule of evidence, an act which would put the applicant groundless fortifications. However, there is no denying that the defense considerable results are the realization of the expectations of the defendant. By confirm the commitment of the applicant, the corresponding contract, and the court may decide to confiscate evidence, which have turned to all sorts of the choice of contract. Taylor (2003) argues that such action may produce a criticism of the "all or nothing" result of prohibition and to the restoration of the applicant in an actual loss events increase defendant cannot diminish his expectations, choosing to consider banning agreed. On the other hand, considering the doctrine of is still a difficult any obstacle in this direction.

The case of Wantons’ stores Ltd v Maher, Maher in Nowra has some real estate and construction. He talks with department store Walton land rental stores. They want to demolition of the existing building and
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