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1. Identify the ethical, strategic, operational, and financial issues in this scenario and list them in priority order from most to least critical.
As a global healthcare organization, our goal has always been to promote quality of care and optimal health to people around the world. We have a firm commitment to serve diverse communities with products and services that reflect the latest trends in innovation and the highest quality at reasonable prices to match consumer expectations and needs. We have established a culture founded on individual accountability that expects employees at all levels us to communicate openly and transparently; any strategic, operational, or financial challenges we face are viewed through a comprehensive moral
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2. As the director of overseas operations, what options are available to you to resolve this situation? State the risks and consequences associated with each option you identify.
To stay successful throughout the planning process and management of overseas operations, we have to work with leaders throughout the organization to identify events that may affect the achievement of our objectives and to determinate contingency plans or alternative solutions. We understand that the goal of operations management is to affect the entire cycle of a new product line in a positive manner (Chase, Jacobs & Aquilano, 2004), so we strive to take into consideration the addition of new resources, the rearrangement of existing resources, and the possible removal of resources to execute the strategic, intermediate, and short-term decisions made by overseas teams. To resolve the situation in Malaysia, we should consider at least two different options that both take into account a flat development expense and uniform unit cost wherever possible.
We should first consider adding external resources, including external contractors and existing cross-functional teams. We reason that additional team members could optimize processes to help recover sales, marketing, and local supply chain functions that in turn could add potential value and competitive

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