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Business Law 304 Case Study

case brief---Gregory, a comedy writer, entered into a contract with Wessel, a comedian. The contract provided that Gregory would provide Wessel with a 15 minute monologue for his upcoming appearance on the comedy hour and Wessel will pay $250 to Gregory. All performers could make $500 per appearance on the comedy hour. and when Wessel was scheduled to aper on the comedy hour, Gregory informed him that he was unable to provide the monologue, because last time Wessel was asked to make special guest appearances at three local comedy clubs performance during the comedy hour. and Wessel bought lawsuit to Gregory for beach of contract and request damages of $1250.

Issue--- The main issue in this case could be
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if this is done, Wessel can not create a contract by accepting the revoked offer, Gregory. so as long as the contract do not express that how many time or how long Gregory offer Wessel monologue, he still have right to revocation the offer. Anticipatory Repudiation--when a party expressly declares that performance will not be made when required. Gregory informed Wessel that he was unable to provide the monologue before Wessel appear on the comedy hour. Gregory made in advance of the time for permanence of the contract obligation. but for Wessel, he was schedule to appear on the comedy hour, even he received the inform form Gregory just shortly before the performance. so Wessel could sue gregory get the compensatory damage. because if he receive the inform that he was unable to have 15 minute monologue performance, he could be made new schedule for himself, such as go to local comedy club performance to earn the money. The debate point in this case is that whether Gregory express Wessel could not performance in other comedy club using the some monologue. if not, Wessel have right to do whatever he want, there is not any condition here, and he have right to get remedy for his lose.

Conclusion this case could be an tricky in the court, because in the contract they only

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