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Part A - Four step process

The case study which students are required to resolve using the four step process is set out below. Students are required to apply the relevant legal concepts and principles to analyse and solve the legal issues arising in the case study by explaining and applying their knowledge of the legal principles and rules arising in Australian legal system: topic four to five inclusive.

Please note also that the information contained in the course materials (the Source Book, computer based tutorials and seminar materials) are sufficient when completing your assignment. It is not necessary to research beyond these materials for the purpose of
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Those who deliberately choose to cheat by way of plagiarism, however, will be identified and dealt with accordingly.

Students are strongly advised to understand their responsibilities in relation to correct referencing and should use Chicago Referencing.

Format of assignments

Assignments cannot be handwritten and must comply with the following format requirements. Those assignments, which do not conform to these requirements without prior agreement of the unit coordinator, will either be returned to the student unmarked or will have marks deducted:
Document type: Word or pdf (pdf preferred)
Font: Arial or similar font - no smaller than 12 point in size
Pages: Numbered in top or bottom margin
Spacing: Appropriate line spacing and paragraph spacing
Margins: At least 2.5 cm top, left, right & bottom


Cover sheet (located on Blackboard under the 'Assessment' folder) must be attached to the assignment
Introduction to answers, content of body and concluding comments
Appropriate sentence structure
Correct grammar, spelling and punctuation
Paragraph size and breaks appropriate
Consistent format
Appropriate use of headings and sub-headings
Within acceptable word limit
Appropriate referencing and acknowledgment of sources
Word Limit

The total assignment (meaning Part A and Part B) should be a minimum of 1,000 words and not exceed 2,500 words.

Please provide a

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