Business Law Paper

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Business Law Term Paper
Legal Analysis of Dating Site User Agreement
Chosen Site: eHarmony

BUSI 2601B
Dr. G. Levasseur
March 8th, 2015

Table of Contents
I Executive Summary 1
II Introduction 3
Overview and Objectives: 3
Methodology: 3
Business Relationship: 5
III Clausal Description and Explanation 6
Document 1: Privacy Policy (3 pages) 6
Document Two: Terms of Service (five pages) 18
IV Application of Legal Principles 32
V Lessons Learned, Recommendations and Example Scenario 46
VI Legal Corrective Measures 49
V Conclusion 55

I Executive Summary
The concept of online dating has exploded into mainstream culture since the emergence of the Internet. Websites have allowed for the virtual facilitation of basic needs
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In order to achieve the above goals, several steps were carried out. First, various online dating sites were considered and narrowed down to three possible choices: eHarmony,, and Christian Mingle. Three ideas were brought forth regarding which site to analyse in order to determine which sites could potentially hold more issues and which site had sufficient content to be analyzed effectively. Next in the process, eHarmony was chosen as the site that would be the target for analysis. eHarmony is a very popular dating site and is well known due to their numerous infomercials and online advertisements and thus presents a great opportunity to examine the elements involved in a formal and well-designed user agreement. Following the choosing of a site, a copy of the user agreement from eHarmony was obtained and given an initial review. This step acted as the first run through of the agreement, which involved identifying possible legal issues in the clauses, highlighting important points form each clause, and gaining a general understanding of the agreement. The agreement consisted of two separate documents titled “Privacy Policy” and “Terms of Service”, each outlining the obligations of the company and the customer respectively. In addition, an examination of the actual purpose and requirements of the assignment was carried out. In this particular phase of the paper, the course outline was reviewed and the outline of the paper

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