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UNIVERSITI TUNKU ABDUL RAHMAN ACADEMIC YEAR 2005/2006 DECEMBER EXAMINATION UBML1053 BUSINESS LAW THURSDAY, 15 DECEMBER 2005 TIME: 2.00PM – 4.00PM (2 HOURS) BACHELOR OF COMMERCE (HONS) ACCOUNTING YEAR ONE Instructions to Candidates: Section A : [Total: 40 marks] 1. This section consist of ONE (1) compulsory question 2. Answer ALL the sub-questions. Section B : [Total: 60 marks] 3. This section consists of THREE (3) questions. 4. Answer only TWO (2) questions. 5. No marks will be given for any extra questions or sub-questions (i.e. parts a, b or c in a question) attempted. 6. Where the candidate answers more than the required number of questions, answers to the last question or questions, in numerical order of the questions, shall be…show more content…
(ii) (iii) Advise Ahmad as to the validity of the above terms found in his hire- purchase agreement with Kuat Finance Bhd. (16 marks) (c) Explain the meaning of “specific goods” and “unascertained goods”. Give an example for each type of goods. (9 marks) [Total: 30 marks] Q2. (a) Describe the court structure in Malaysia. (10 marks) (b) Adam makes fireworks at home for a living. He sells his home-made fireworks to the neighbourhood children. One day, while Adam was testing his fireworks in his garden, one of his fireworks went off and landed on his neighbour, Bebe’s roof. This incident happened due to Adam’s carelessness. Unfortunately, Bebe’s roof caught fire and spread to the top floor of Bebe’s house. When the fire was finally put out, there was a big hole in the roof, the interior walls of the rooms on the top floor of the house were covered with black stains caused by soot and smoke and there was also damage to a very expensive new wedding gown that Bebe had bought for her daughter. Bebe’s daughter was to wear the wedding gown at her wedding the next day. Bebe is very upset over the whole incident and wants to sue Adam for the costs for repairing her roof, repainting the walls and damage to the wedding gown. This question paper consists of 4 questions on 4 printed pages. 4 UBML1053 BUSINESS LAW Section B, Q2 (b) Continued Advise Adam

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