Business Law and Ethics Case Study on Diversity

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Case #1 Webb vs. City of Philadelphia
This case involves Kimberlie Webb and the City of Philadelphia (mainly the police department). The case was heard by the United States court of appeals, third circuit in 2009.

The suit was filed because Webb believed her religious rights were being decimated against. Webb is a Muslim woman who servers on the Philadelphia Police Department. Webb asked permission to wear a headdress that would not cover her face or ears due to her religious beliefs. She was disciplined for failing to comply with Police Department Directive 78 (which basically states that all officers must wear a certain uniform and dress in a certain way in order to appear uniform and unbiased).

The Philadelphia Police Department
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A woman wearing a headdress is more noticeable and would clearly show that she is of a specific religion.

Question 3. (a)A pizza company not making any exceptions to its rule that drivers must be clean-shaven could be found discriminatory because this only applies to men since a very small population of woman grow beards. It could also be found to be discriminatory against African-American men since most of a medical condition that is painful when they shave. (b) Bank does not allow men to wear earrings. This would also be unfair because it is bias to one sex(gender). (c) Casino hires men and women as cocktail waiters. Women are required to wear 3 inch heals and make up, men can wear any dress shoe. This is very discriminatory by making woman wear make up and 3 inch heals. I couldn’t wear 3 inch heals that would kill my feet and I’d probably fall over a bunch. Also requiring woman to wear make up isn’t fair either. Men don’t have to wear make up. Some women don’t like to wear make up because it clogs the pours on their face causing breakouts. I don’t like wearing make up because I don’t like the feeling on my face.

Case #2 Oiler vs. Winn-Dixie
This case involves Peter Oiler and Winn-Dixie Louisiana, Inc. The U.S. District Court, Louisiana heard the case. This suit was filed because Oiler told a supervisor that he cross-dressed and was fired. Oiler claims he
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