Business Leaders Should Consider The Impact Of Social Media On All Aspect Of Their Organisations

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Introduction Over the decade, business leaders are finding themselves managing through historic levels of complexity. This complexity stems from a different set of environmental shifts. The recent continuous increase in globalization and outsourcing ongoing technological changes, demand that business leaders should consider the impact of social media on all aspect of their organisations. The recent financial crouch and the demands for better financial managers have prompt business leaders to rethink why and how they build their organisation (McCall and Kaplan, 1985, p .14). Entrepreneur leaders should take advantage of technological advancement to better connect with their customers through the use of social networking. There is a strong…show more content…
Literature Review Most literatures places so much focus on the entrepreneur as an individual, framing the entrepreneur as an individual or actor while losing sight of the social dimension where their businesses operate. the misrepresentation of entrepreneurship as a solitary practice remain prevalent among literature from scholars in spite of data showing that many businesses would never have formed without the support of one or more social networks (West 2001). A social network is not just about posting vacation photos. In this age, social media has become a very important platform that entrepreneurs can no longer ignore. Many entrepreneurs are so reluctant in using this platform because they lack the necessary information. When properly used, social media can help grow a business to a new level of success. Entrepreneur’s who engage in cognitive ambidexterity-a pattern of thinking and acting that is characterised by switching flexibly back and forth between prediction and creation approaches. The prediction technique
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