Business Leadership At Southwest Airlines

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Southwest Airlines was inaugurated on an elementary ideology that congenial employees providing economical flights would prevail. In a highly volatile industry Southwest Airlines has been lucrative since the year the company was established in 1967. Fortune Magazine recognizes Southwest airlines as “America 's most admired airlines as well as one of the most admired companies in the united states”.
Leadership at Southwest has influenced the success of the company immensely. The company sets a tone of having fun and being casual while still fulfilling obligations and accomplishing tasks. Southwest airlines encouraged employees to implement honor in order to put their customers at ease, attempting to make traveling an enjoyable experience.This attitude is critical to their continued success. The company has implemented Ten Organizational Relationships in order to generate extraordinary employee performance. The summation of all relationships combined is greater than the individual parts, as each part reinforces one another.

Outstanding business leadership:
Eminent and effective business leaders must excel in two areas: credibility and empathy. The Premise of credibility is established over a period of extended time. CEO Herb Kelleher is an exemplary example of historically acting in a credible manner. The wellbeing of the employee is at the forefront of SouthWest 's beliefs; notably, Southwest Airlines has no layoff record. This is considerably rare in the airline
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