Business: Leadership and Direction

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Leadership and Direction Leaders have several responsibilities. Among these, is the ability to plan, solve problems, and make goals that will help execute the vision of the company. The process for determining goals and putting the plans into place to reach stated goals, involves a variety of steps. Asking the correct questions, identifying issues, and brainstorming are all options available for creating goals that will carry out the vision of the company. Ensuring we ask the right questions throughout each of these steps is a vital role in the success of establishing effective plans and goals. How do questions help to ensure that a project is successful? When planning a project, we first must ask what the ultimate goal is. With a goal in mind we can then begin working on the project. Asking the right questions throughout the entire process will ensure that we stay on track and ultimately reach our goal. However, if we discontinue asking questions during any part of the process, the direction of the project can inadvertently change. Questions can help narrow down the root cause of a problem. In addition, questions can also be used to broaden the imagination and stimulate creativity. A useful tool is posing questions during a brainstorming session. Brainstorming is a technique that has been used for many years. According to Osborn (1963), there are four rules to brainstorming that will reduce social inhibitions among team members, stimulate idea generation, and
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