Business Legal Structure And Ownership Share

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“Most successful men have not achieved their distinction by having some new talent or opportunity presented to them. They have developed the opportunity that was at hand” - Bruce Barton. There are several areas to concentrate when creating a business, many things are taken in count just like mention in the marketing section of this plan, the brand first needs are identified, researching the target market audience, etc all the above are important but the real question is, can a business be opened if it has no funds? Where will the money come from to operate this idea? Will the business, be financially sustained throughout the years?

Business legal Structure and ownership share “For you by you” will be operated as a
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Within the financial portion a partnership business will benefit the initial owners of the company, according to the article The Tax Benefits of Forming a General Partnership it states the following: “Unless there is a specific arrangement between partners, the Internal Revenue Service considers all partners as equal when calculating taxes.” Meaning all partners are taxed equally regardless how the amount they have contributed to the company which in this specific business all partners will be held responsible to contribute equally to the company, numbers will be discussed further in the ownership share portion. Being said that promotes the main reason for the business for you by you to categorize as a partnership. Equal obligations and flexibility for all partners is what the business promotes and seeks financial wise. Ownership share Within partnership all partners need to collaborate equally for the business. All partners came to an agreement of an investment of $(15,000 ) this amount was studied and determined to fit all four partner’s financial situations, the 15,000 includes but are not limited to overtime savings, loans from family members or close friends, investments of assets owned and others. (total amount by 4 stockholder) in cash can be a deception, the evaluation in order to start a business is (amount of $ needed to be obtained).
Costs for first year of operations
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