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In this assignment I will converse about the, Tesco recruitment documentation and table. The name of the company that I am going to be studying is called Tesco. It has its headquarters in Chesnutt, but has many stores around the country. These stores are in many cities including Manchester, Birmingham, and London. It has many types of stores and includes Tesco Extra (24 hour), Tesco Metro (located in town centres) and Tesco Express (attached to garages). It sells many things including food and non-food items. These items include: toys, food, drinks, toiletry, CDs, videos, DVDs, books, cosmetics, medicine, tobacco, alcohol, fruits, vegetables, electrical goods, clothes, organic food. In Newport there are stores based at Spotty and Masalas.…show more content…
General terms, such as well-rounded, team-centered, organized and responsible don't help employers seek out applicants who have specific qualifications and skills that are best-suited to the job.Most job descriptions, specifically those used to solicit potential applicants, include logistical details. Information such as when the position will be available, application deadlines, resume submission guidelines and company contact information is provided. Some may list a general salary range, relocation requirements and benefits or perks if the company feels the added information helps draw eligible candidates. Part-time job descriptions list the days and hours required, and teaching or university positions specify the required months of service. | person specification | The job description essentially concentrates on providing information about the job. The person specification is a direct contrast; it provides information about the type of person that the organisation is looking for to do the job. The person specification gives a list of requirements, but these relate to the person doing the job. | * Purpose * Selection criteria requirements-Selection criteria must be: Specific,

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