Business Level 3 Unit 1.4

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Assessment 1.4

Businesses are constantly being impacted by external factors, many of which are out of their control. These factors include social factors; examples are demographics (population), changes in household &families, education, religions, attitudes to work, attitudes to male and female roles and ethics. There are also political and legal factors which includes legislation, company law, political stability and so on. All these factors have serious impacts on all businesses.

Political factors

My chosen organisation will be Waitrose, a groceries supplier. Like any business in the UK, Waitrose is affected by politician’s decisions, Members of Parliament, the Prime Minister, are in charge of important decisions
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|Competition law |How a business deals with employees, |
| |consumers, suppliers and so on. Also how |
| |businesses are allowed to compete with |
| |each other. |

Consumer protection

The relevant contract that Waitrose as a groceries retailer makes is for the sale of goods (Sale of Goods Act). This act protects consumers from being sold products which are not of “satisfactory quality”, products with significant faults are not allowed to be sold, and however, products with minor faults are allowed to be retailed but must this must be bought to the consumer’s attention. Products must also be “fit for purpose” for instance if Waitrose is selling organic eggs, these must be organic not simple free range or from caged hens. Also products should be as “described “ on the package or sales literature, for example if Waitrose is selling 100% beef burgers, these should not contain horse meet or pork.

Employment law

Employees are protected at work by legislation which is constantly changing; employers need to update themselves continually on changes in legislation relating to
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