Business Level 3 Unit 13 P1

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In this report I will be explaining the different legal and ethical procedures that employees at Leyton Sixth Form must follow. By doing this I will be discussing the data protection legislation, codes of practice and operational issues. I will be linking it back to how Leyton Sixth Form College uses this information and how they respond to a staff member breaking that act.
Data protection legislation:
Data Protection Act 1998
The data protection Act 1998 is how personal information of living people is being used. The main intention is to protect people’s data from being used illegally. The principles of the data protection act that must be followed are the information must be used moderately and follow the rules set by the law. The information must be kept for a certain period of time. For example, if an organisation has information of someone and they can only keep it for 5
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One of the policy the college may set is how they use the internet. If they break those rules they could face a severe consequence for not following the rules. The college must have a specific purpose of using the internet. For example, they can have access to the internet to access their emails or websites that will help them create a presentation to teach their students. They are not allowed to access certain inappropriate websites as it is irrelevant to their jobs and some websites may have viruses that could affect the computer system. As they work in a college, teachers have access to websites that students don’t. However, if they are caught trying to gain access to that site they may suffer severe consequences from the head of the college which may result in the staff being sacked for breaking the college rules they signed in their contract. They are allowed to use the internet for their own personal use in their free time for example lunch

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