Business Level And Corporate Level Strategies

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Assignment 3: Business-Level and Corporate-Level Strategies For this assignment I have chosen the restaurant industry and the Burger King Corporation. Burger King focuses on the customers they serve to keep their business running. It is my opinion from everything that I have read that Burger King uses more of the integrated cost leadership/Differentiation business strategy. I say this because the textbook states that companies that use this type of strategy usually have a goal in mind to sell or offer something that stands out amongst its competitors. It also says that there needs to be a focus on what the consumer group you service wants (Hitt, M. A., Ireland, R. D., & Hoskisson, R. E. (2013). Strategic management: Concepts and…show more content…
I thought it was very interesting that they don’t just stop the training and development of the manager after they are promoted. They continue to offer trainings as well as a review program to keep the managers informed on how their style of management is working out and where they feel they may need to make some adjustments. Through the BKC 360 program, they gather information from everyone around you that you interact with and from there is where they come up with your management style review (BK Corporate Responsibility). At some point the company realized that they were not able to focus enough attention on the many branches they have and they cut back on the number of restaurants that a field team keeps track of. This was done in the hopes that they would be able to make frequent visits to the stores they were responsible for checking on. They hope that in doing so this would keep the standard of food up and the quality of service as well. Design changes have been made and incorporated into the restaurants in an effort to keep up with the changing world around them and with the hopes that it will keep customers coming to the restaurants (Burger King Investor Relations). The Burger King Corporation has a strong customer oriented focus on how they are doing business. It is great that while they are focused on pleasing the customer they don’t forget about the food and the vital part that it too plays in keeping and getting new customers. The fact that they
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