Business Level Strategies of Apple

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The corporation picked for this paper is Apple. The business level strategies that Apple applies are all relying on the same important concept: innovation. Innovation, as a business level strategy at Apple, does not mean only creating new products, but improving the existing portfolio of products. The company does not rely, nowadays, on revenues driven by new products, but rather by the consolidation and improvement of the existing line. For example, the new iPad models that appear are building on innovation processes and improving resolution and capacity, decreasing the size of the product at the same time. Similarly, for the iPhone, it is all about improvement and innovating within the existing models. Innovation is also expanded to the software applications that Apple provides. With their App store and existing applications on the products they sell, they are driving innovation and the way that the consumer can best benefit from the product and its use. At the same time, their business level strategy is also focused on diversification. The diversification moves on two vectors: price and quality. Their image is that of an exclusive product exactly because of these to dimensions. The products that Apple puts out on the market are perceived as being of better quality and, in part, this also comes from the fact they are priced far higher than existing products on the market. Their marketing strategy will thus commit to supporting this type of approach, in which Apple

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