Business Logistics in Australia Case Study

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There are two E-commerce scenarios that have been looked at that face logistical issues in Australian organisations of Big W and Oz Hut and through the analysis of these organisations we will be looking into the systems used and how they are dysfunctional to these companies. Also exploring better ways to improve order fulfilment, third party logistics and the growing online retailing industry of changes needed to enhance competitiveness. With transportation having a substantial impact on the way the e-commerce trade is facilitated been a key element of building trust between sellers and buyers. (Commission, 2012)
The logistical issues faced by both that of Big W and Oz Hut are that of the inadequate supply chain systems that are being
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(Commission, 2011)
With an appropriate delivery chain for e-commerce there would be a number of positive implications of policy that would be addressed for cohesion making benefits accessible for all citizens and businesses, employment, innovation of new technologies for the benefit of customers and business alike, environment optimised delivery logistics, competitiveness building on the strengths of the industry to promote investment of the delivery network in Australia, these being some of the things that can be looked at to improving the logistics in this country in becoming more flexible and responsive while facilitating change in the systems that are outdated. (Commission, 2011)Australia Post have had some innovative ideas such as Parcel Point giving the customers of online purchase alternative shipping address such as convenience stores for collection also they are electronic parcel lockers where you can pick up parcels at any time following a receipt of SMS message notification which has significantly improved the logistics processes freeing up storage room and delivery cost for Australia Post. (Commission, 2011) The logistics functions and systems that can be seen to be

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