Business Management & Administration Module

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BORICUA COLLEGE – BRONX CAMPUS INDIVIDUALIZED INSTRUCTION MODULE SET BACHELOR OF SCEINCE Business Administration Program Management I - (Decision Making) Madeline DeFeo Room 703 Re-Submitted: 4/16/ 2012 2:00 COMPREHENSION 2:10 Translation 2:20 Interpretation 2:30 Extrapolation Facilitator: Professor Moises Pereyra III. LEARNING ACTIVITIES: PRE-TEST: The following is my example of the intellectual skill of Comprehension, which includes the combined skills of Translation, Interpretation, and Extrapolation. I have read the following communication on “How Are Decisions Actually Made in Organizations?” Now I shall use the skill of Comprehension to obtain the meaning of the case study titled “Split…show more content…
What happens next is that the Operations Manager came out to assist Jack with the loading of the bags and freight on the flight with the box. This judgment on the Operations Managers part proves how teamwork and all employees, no matter what their position is, cares about what is needed in order for operations to go as smoothly as possible. It also shows how the participation of all is essential in producing a successful outcome. All the involved parties proved that they take pride in their work, and are happy they are able to complete the task. This taught Jack that teamwork does work. SKY CULTURE Sky employee’s effectiveness and commitment works because they work together and trust one another, in and out of their company’s surroundings. This is possible because of the company having special functions for the appreciation of their employees’ hard work, and also by allowing their employees to have fun while they work as long as the final outcome equals the production that is required. Besides the employees’ feeling of friendship and pride in their work, Sky employees’ know that two or more individuals doing a job as a combined effort, is a great combination when it comes to completing a task. It creates a certain ease to the task at hand, and the outcome is always a great feeling of accomplishment for all. At Sky Airlines, everyone knew how fair and flexible the company is. They worked around your schedule so that their employee’s would not
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