Business Management And Hospitality Industry

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Abstract In an ever increasing competitive workforce, there are very few characteristics that separate a professional from the rest. The term professional is not only inclusive of the knowledge or the skill level a person possesses but also the attitude, conduct and the environment they create in the workplace. While, most of the employers are looking for professional with knowledge and skill in their field, but they also are also looking for a member who can be an effective team player and possess a good communication skill. Although, these skills were the basis of business management and hospitality industry, they have been increasingly required in health care industry and have become and important aspect for job seekers in healthcare. Importance of Professionalism, Communication and Collaboration in Workplace Professionalism often gets interpreted as the knowledge of one’s profession or vocation, but over the years, it has developed into much more than just the working knowledge and skills of the profession. It also encompasses the behavior and conduct of a person in their chosen field. The success of a person in the workforce is dependent on proper conduct, communication and team work besides efficiency in their work. Professionals often have questions like- What it means to be a professional? How communication and team work are effective tools in the workplace? These are important qualities for any professional to know before entering the workforce. What it means to
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