Business Management Case Study: Employee Relations

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Business management case study Employee relations Risk #1 Reduction in Team Interdependence and Collaboration All project teams represent the dual dimensions of independence and interdependence of the individual team members (Thompson, 2008). Likewise, each team member is responsible for his or her own work as well as for supporting the work of the team through the collaborative process; and in that respect, the individual team members are mutually interdependent (Thompson, 2008). Therefore the substitution of one team member who has an established role within the team with another employee who does not share the profile of the replaced team member or of the team collectively corresponds to a risk of reducing the established level of interdependence among and between the individual team members. That could be a significant potential issue in this case because the new team member is more inclined to work independently than as part of a team. Risk #2 Reduction in Teamwork and Team Spirit While every individual team member must be fully responsible for his or her own work and must "own" it (Daft, 2005), it is still important to create a collaborative environment that supports teamwork and team spirit (George & Jones, 2008). In this case, the departing team member was not performing well on an individual level but there is no indication of any problems in connection with the integration of that team member within the team or that his presence on the team was
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