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Dara Manilli Acanto is a Business Administration senior student major in Business Management in West Visayas University in the Philippines. She is graduating on March 2016 with honors. Despite the hectic schedule at the university, Acanto manages to work during the night, and go to school during the day. Acanto works as a full-time call center agent for Teleflora company, headquartered in Los Angeles, California for processing floral orders to customers throughout the United States and internationally. According to Acanto, what she likes most about her job is the satisfying feeling of being able to make customers’ experiences a good one. Acanto has been working as a call center agent for almost a year now, and she doesn’t have a plan on quitting her job. I asked her what made her enter the customer service field, and her response is she wants to experience working to prepare for her career since, and she uses the money she earns to help her pay for rent. Acanto willingly shares how much she earns from her job. She discusses that it could be a minimum of six hours to a maximum of sixteen hours a day for five days depending on her availability. She receives fifty pesos per hour, which is one dollar if converted to US currency. It seems like it is not a reasonable pay, but Acanto says it is and it helps her a lot. I asked her what are the things she likes most about her job, she says that receiving compliments because of her good costumer service, closing an order and solving

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