Business Management

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Business management through the implementation of four major tasks:

The planning of the goals we want to achieve, time to achieve and how they want to achieve.
The organization is designed which is where the role of each member within the company.
The direction passing decisions and knowing lead the people within the organization.
Control, which verifies that everything goes as planned, identify any deviations that may occur with respect to the plan and take corrective action if necessary.
I will focus on the first two functions because as you do not get anywhere unless we know where we are and where we want to go, planning is considered the first activity we should develop in the field of business administration.

Once certain
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To achieve that cooperation between the people who make the company is optimal and work in a coordinated manner as a team have to design the function that each member of the organization should be performed.

The functions or tasks that should be performed each must be well defined so that you can enter in the best way possible and achieve the desired objectives.

But what is necessary to design an organization ?.

First classify following performance criteria tasks that we have identified as necessary for the company to function optimally in the planning stage, then these tasks are grouped (by having common characteristics for example) to realize that departments or sections It corresponds.

The next step is to assign each group a responsible and give it authority to supervise the work done by the department and the work of each person and finally the organizer.

The last phase is to establish measures of horizontal and vertical coordination of the groups that form the structure to achieve the highest levels of efficiency that hardly could be achieved if the departments created work without coordination why is coordination, which makes cooperation among people to be efficient.

The organization must stop designed consciously all the resources available to achieve the objectives, assigning them to the different

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