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BUSINESS AND TECHNICAL WRITING: FINAL EXAM PHOENIX ADVERTISING Roanoke Branch of Virginia 111 Main Street Roanoke, VA0002-0002 Phone: 1800-201-1111 Fax: 1800-222-2100 April1, 2010 Executive Team Phoenix Advertising 111 Main Street Charlotte, NC 0001-0001 Dear Executive team: Until recently, the Roanoke branch of Virginia represented Phoenix Advertising vision to exceed and excel in customers satisfaction and the unparalleled leader of value-added support services…show more content…
With that change Mr. Sane was not able to provide needed direction or oversight to his team leading to decrease of productivity and later on to upset customers. According to Phoenix Advertising own rules and regulations for accepting or closing accounts, and for employees’ creativity, management is required to applied, follow and enforces them. Therefore, the current situation is no less than a failure to follow simple and fundamental rules and regulations. Consequently, I am not surprised that, by the fault of the upper management Roanoke branch of Virginia is in a state of under productivity and causing hardship to the overall business of Phoenix Advertising. However, I’m certain that Roanoke branch of Virginia is capable of regaining its outstanding position by achieving the following objectives: * Restructure upper management by hiring efficient leaders * Re-organizing customer services, by adding a team of professional customer care representatives to deal with customer’s complaints and customers’ survey. * Enforcing company rules and regulations at all the times and under all situations especially when accepting or closing accounts. * Provide proper training to management and employees to produce efficient quality products and a proper control of the work load. Proposal The following are my proposal to return the Roanoke branch of Virginia to full productivity and to enhance business coherence by dealing
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