Business Management : Financial Management

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Companies will hire financial managers to help with the decision making process and continue to keep profits on the rise and keeping cost at a minimum. Financial managers essentially control an organization’s assets, any investments and cash flow. They are also hired to analyze sales, investment activities and long term financial strategies. These roles are critical and ultimately the people in these roles are working for the company’s shareholders. Financial managers are the key decision makers in an organization, so their actions and daily decision making will hold a huge impact on how the company grows.
There are many decisions that a financial manager is faced with and will have to make difficult choices. In financial management, responsibilities include financial asset management, investment and financing. Before a financial manager can start making any decisions, he needs to understand the company’s objective. Once this has been determined and he knows the direction the company wants to take, he can them move forward with a strategy. Most companies are in business to make a profit, so financial managers are put into these positions to make the company money. Investment decisions are the most important for a company’s success as it relates to the creation of value. The financial manager needs to determine the total amount of assets that the company needs to hold. Some questions that may cross the manager’s mind would be should the company produce a new product or…
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