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Business Management Student’s name University affiliation Business management For Newskool Grooves to be successful, it must be in a position to overcome the challenges that the boundary less organizations face in their day to day operations. Newskool Grooves manager needs to overcome them by focusing on the management of the boundary that is through showing the employees the boundaries that matter most and when they can best enact these boundaries. Problems that occur in boundary less organization like Newskool Grooves Newskool Grooves managers are unable to link with the workers in other offices, and this has become an issue. By breaking the organizational structure, it may create a false linkage between the employees which we realize it is false since the employees are unable to manage their psychological boundary. For example, a cleaner may feel put down by an accountant once they try to ask questions in the hopes of working together when the accountant feels the cleaner is getting involved in the wrong role. Another problem is the managers getting too involved with breaking roles and forgets their role in the new organization. Managers tend to think that breaking boundaries solve conflicts in employees, and they will automatically team up which is not the case. Advantages of boundary less organizations Advantages of Newskool Grooves are that the personnel do not work separately but rather they work together thus enhancing teamwork between them. The
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