Business Management : Google 's Rejig Strategy Essay

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Extended Essay
On Business Management

Title- Google’s Rejig Strategy
To what extent would the rejig of Google by the creation of ‘alphabet’ enable them to continue as a leading inovator in the tecnological industry?

Session 2015-16

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Student Name- Shiven Goel
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School: Pathways School Gurgaon
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Content Table

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1. Acknowledgment
(Express ur thanks to those who helped in writing this EE like teacher, company personnel etc.)

2. Abstract
(Gist of the entire ee within 300 words)
3. Introduction
(what is the topic, why did u take this topic for research-rationale?)

4. Methodology
(methodology or the ways u are going to collect various data and the business techniques/tools to be used to interpret and analyze the said data to answer the RQ – Primary and secondary research tools)

5. Findings, Analysis, Discussions and Evaluations
(the relevant data presented in findings need to be analyzed using BCG matrix, etc.)

a. Market Share- Position Mapping
b. Growth Model- Diversification and BCG Matrix
c. Ansoff Matrix
d. Stability of Google analysing their work culture
e. Discussion on innvovation by Google
6. Conclusion & Limitations of the Essay
(the final outcome from the analysis in the form of an answer to the research question. U may put all the findings in a tabular format in brief to highlight the key areas of drawing the conclusion)

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