Business Management : Mcdonald Corporation

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The McDonalds Corporation is one of the largest chains in Fast- Food market. It spans over 68 million franchises and is known for serving over 99 billion customers. It has expanded overseas and implemented over 35,000 outlets. This essay will dissect the different aspects, and business ideas that the McDonald Corporation is using. From business management to social responsibilities to the environment and consumers, we will go into detail how McDonald use these different practices to help maintain and grow this large company.

Business Management

McDonalds business management are a sole group of individuals whose main goal is too plan, organize, lead and control operations of the organization. Managers use the process of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling an enterprises financial, physical, and information to achieve an organizations goals of supplying products and services. McDonalds centralize goal is to achieve a worldwide operations that aims to be customer favourite place to eat and drink. They are committed to continuously improve operations and enhance customer’s experience. One of the main process that McDonalds uses to help achieve goals develop better strategies is Planning. The Planning process involves five steps:
i. goals are established for the organization ii. Managers identify whether a gap exists between the company’s desired and actual positions. iii. Managers develop plans to achieve this desired goal. iv. The plans to implement way to
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