Business Management: Methods to Develop and Enhance Communications Skills

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I believe they are fully integrated into the daily tasks required of all employees at every level of the organization.
Thus, I will develop and enhance my communication skills by firstly identifying my weaknesses, compiling work situations where communication missteps can be costly, compiling work situations where communication channels operate as they ought to, and finally I will identify various ways to develop and exercise new and existing communication abilities.
Communication Weaknesses Whether I attribute it to my cultural upbringing or simply my personality, one of my chief communication weaknesses, is an inability to separate emotion from leadership decisions. I often take the incompetence of colleagues to be a personal affront and respond as if I were disrespected rather respond to conflict situations with certain objectivity. This often means that when a conflict arises in the work context I am ruled my emotions rather than by cognitive functions. This poses a serious problem, because I am far less likely to be effective in identifying a solution when a problem arises.
This weakness of reacting personally is compounded by a tendency to avoid stating and addressing conflict as it emerges. I often wait and avoid conflict until the…
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