Business Management : P & G

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On June 5th of 2013 P&G announced that company is going through some change and made decision to group its Global Business Units (GBUs) into four industry-based sectors. Task of each of these sectors will be concentrated on share of common technologies, common consumer benefits, and face common competitors. These four industry-based sectors will be focusing on strengthening of already developed market business, maintenance of developing market momentum, production of a strong innovation pipeline, and drive of productivity improvements. Such changes, announced by P&G are not rare for company and will not be that sensitive by employees or other stakeholders. P&G’s main objective for years is to create the most successful brands in all categories of products that it produces. Over the past years company has undertaken considerable work and went through multiple changes to improve its business with focus on the following six corporate principles: customer focus, strategic choices, operational perfection and fiscal discipline, organizational structure, and the creation of brands which requires a lot of attention, monitoring, and constant changes. Example of big change: In June of 1999, P&G began an ambitious program of business restructuring, which was supposed to end in 2005. However, because of good coordination of management and right course of action introduction of change was rapid with large part of change implementation in 2003. In addition, management was able to spend
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