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Sample Test-Chapter 15
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1. An organization expands its private Internet to connect with customers, suppliers, and other partners. This expansion is called its
A. intranet
B. extranet
C. private net
D. website
E. domain 2. Effective communication begins with
A. speaking.
B. listening.
C. the message.
D. two people.
E. breaking through noise. 3. When you want your reader to take a logical action, you should lay out your ideas in writing by
A. most important to least important.
B. least controversial to most controversial.
C. negative to positive.
D. positive to negative.
E. least important to most important. 4. The study of the
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A. vertical
B. horizontal
C. external
D. formal
E. informal 19. According to the textbook, MBWA stands for
A. management by wandering around.
B. management by walking about.
C. management by wishing a lot.
D. management by wandering afar.
E. management by working afield. 20. Do you actually listen when they're talking? This is most likely a test of which personal barrier that contributes to communication?
A. tendency to judge others' messages
B. variable skills in communicating effectively
C. inability to listen with understanding
D. faulty listening skills
E. stereotypes and prejudices 21. Compared to women, men tend to
A. give more tactful feedback.
B. praise more.
C. be indirect when they don't know something.
D. indicate a lack of certainty about something.
E. make apologies. 22. Salvador speaks English as a second language, and sometimes has difficulty coming up with the exact word to express an idea. Salvador is facing a(n) __________ barrier.
A. encoding
B. decoding
C. medium
D. feedback
E. receiver 23. Which of the following is a "don't" toward better nonverbal communication skills?
A. maintain eye contact
B. look away from the speaker
C. lean toward the speaker
D. speak in a quiet, reassuring tone
E. smile and show animation 24. Speed reading works
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