Business Management Techniques For Engineers

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UNIT 7: BUSINESS MANAGEMENT TECHNIQUES FOR ENGINEERS R/601/1467 TASK 1 When implementing change in business, however how large or small, it is crucial to explain to employees why the change must happen. You need to help everyone in the organisation understand the reasons behind it. Often a failing of companies is to enforce change without getting the employees on board. You must explain that the decision was made based on the evidence presented by the marketing team and it will have clear benefits for the organisation. This is key to implementing the new process, product or system a smooth as possible. Dissemination of the company message is such an important part of employee engagement and will set the tone for any change. Change is usually best received when delivered in bite-sized chunks. Most change can be broken down into phases. This gives you an opportunity to review how the message is being received and what can be done to change the mood if you feel there is a tide of negativity. Collaboration is very important too. If circumstance allow, a pilot or focus group is a good way to test the change before it is fully embedded or rolled out. Sometimes the employees on the shop floor are aware of problems that you might not be aware of. They will also see things differently to the management and might provide some fresh insight and new ideas. Careful monitoring of the process of change is essential in order to be able to measure and evaluate the impact and
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