Business Management : The Key Parts For A Business

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Business management is one of the key parts for a business/company to succeed with excellence and is considered one of the most important aspects. “Business management can range from supervising employees to extracting trends from data and developing the most efficient plans for business operations” (University Alliance). Business managers are also known as “general or operations managers and can also be in charge or hiring employees and negotiating contracts” (University Alliance). There are many different fields or concentrations of business management that may seem similar in some senses but there are eight specific branches of the career as a whole. These eight branches of business management itself include “financial management,…show more content…
Because of this, it gives both the students and employers the advantage when it comes to selecting the best fit for the job. As said on Bentley University’s site, “In return, employers gain the services of motivated and enthusiastic temporary employees who are committed to helping meet short-term goals” (Bentley University). These short terms goals that are being met because of the internship program will help beyond the graduate degree and will help when it comes to the commitment of helping meet long-term goals. Furthermore, there are many different career opportunities following graduation from Bentley University. When having a management major, there are many professions that need the skills that students develop from this study. Management graduates from Bentley University “have pursued careers in a wide range of positions in very different types and sizes of organizations” (Bentley University). Some of the organizations that graduates have pursued careers in include: “Biogen Idec, Boston Children’s Hospital, Newburyport Bank, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, etc.” (Bentley University). CUNY Bernard M Baruch College in New York, NY is another top school for the field of business management. Requirements for this specific college require students to take 21 credits of required courses for
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