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Organising Structure: Dubai Delight

Business: Dubai Delight
Product: Restaurant

Assessment Item 3
BSB115 – Management

Narges Rezahi Ghaznawi
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1.0 Introduction 3 2.0 Definition of Organisational Problem 3 2.1 Problem Identification 3 2.2 Critical underlying cause 4 3.0 Analysis of the underlying cause from the given organisation problem 5 3.1 Current Organisation Structure 5 3.2 External Environment 6 3.3 Cause and Ramification of Underlying Issue 6 3.4 Proposed New Organisation Structural and Solutions 6 4.0 Recommendations 8

1.0 Introduction
Dubai Delight is a Brisbane restaurant chain specialising in Middle Eastern foods. The main headquarters
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The chain of command is an unbroken line of authority that links all persons in an organisation and indicates who reports to whom (Samson & Daft, 2012). Authority and responsibility for different tasks are not distinct in Dubai Delight as there is lack of communication impacting the chain of command.
Leadership is critical for Dubai Delight’s success as leader attitudes and behaviours play a crucial role in shaping employee attitudes. The high levels of confusion within the department of Dubai Delight could be as a result of lack of leadership and legitimate power, which stems from a formal management position in an organisation and the authority granted to it (Samson & Daft, 2012). Many organisations are disadvantaged by situations in which people appeal for direction, feeling disorganised by the sense that they are not being led (Smirch & Gareth, 1982). Thus, successful actions of organisation often rely in the synchrony between the initiation of action and the appeal for direction-between the leaders and the receptivity and responsiveness of followers.
Role and responsibilities confusion within the Dubai Delight department could be as a result of poor Human Resources planning and absence of personal development policy including training. A key role of the HR function is the development and implementation of policies and associated procedures (Australian Human Resources Institute, 2014). Human resources are an important

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