Business Management and Planning for Small Businesses

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Quality Control
Quality control represents the act of analyzing processes and monitoring operations to ensure that high quality standards are being met at all times. There are many statistical models that can be employed to ensure that the organizations operational objectives are being met. Furthermore, with the advantages of modern technology, these tools can also be used in a real time manner to monitor the quality on a perpetual basis. This can serve as the foundation in which management can try to minimize any operational problems as they occur as well as mitigate the likelihood that the same errors will occur in the future. In many cases simple statistical tools such as scatter plots, control charts, flow charts, histograms and many others can help the organization find the root of the quality problem quickly.
With regard to the carpool service, the most salient data collection focuses will be the on-time rate, the percentage of children enrolled vs. total capacity, and a satisfaction survey. Being on time, in both pick-ups and deliveries, will undoubtedly be one of the key metrics that will define the quality in service. If a student is late to school then this would likely result in a negative client response. Therefore the routes, pick-up times, and drop-off times will need to be closely monitored to ensure that adequate time is allocated to providing reliable service. Furthermore, the organization should also track service utilization. This will allow for even
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