Business Manager Is An Individual Imposed With The Running Of A Business

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A business manager is an individual imposed with the running of a business. A business manager ensures that the strategies proposed are implemented to the benefit of the company. Managers organize and coordinate the execution of tasks, monitor their implementation, and motivate employees. With these activities, they seek to meet the organization 's goals: to maintain and increase productivity and profits, to meet the changing and more specific customer needs, and to introduce technological changes in the work process.
I have always been interested in business management. I am getting my Associate degree at Salt Lake Community College, and then transferring to Business school. With an associate’s degree in business, I will qualify for entry
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Bachelor’s degree programs in business administration equip students with management skills that can apply to all industries and business settings (“What Are the Requirements to Become a Business Manager?”). I may increase my chances of employment and advancement by earning a master’s degree in business administration or another closely related field. Administrative service managers with a master’s degree may benefit from greater job opportunities and promotion to upper-level positions.
Nearly 94 percent of all business management majors found jobs after graduation, with 90 percent of that number landing in full-time positions. About 26 percent ended up in management, 18 percent in sales, 15 percent in office work and 10 percent in finance (Locsin). I believe that business skills are crucial for the development of any career. Formal or not, business skills are a commitment for anyone who wants to succeed. Management skills are crucial to running a business; a business administration background can apply to almost any industry within the business world.
Those who study business management develop the leadership and administrative skills to run their own business, a company department or an entire corporation (Locsin).
I was able to interview Kenneth Smuin, an operations manager at the IntegraCore. I used to work for the
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