Business Managment & Change, Oroton

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Business Management and Change- Oroton
OrotonGroup is an importer and retailer of clothing and leather goods and accessories. The business was originally established by Boyd Lane and Australian entrepreneur in 1936. The organisational structure has developed from a simple sole trader in 1936 to a private company called Boyd Lane & Co. Pty Ltd in 1939 and then a public company in 1987 called Oroton International and in 2002 the company was renamed OrotonGroup.
Management Theories
Classical Scientific:
• Relates more to OrotonGroup’s early history.
• Boyd Lane was a major share holder, planned the firms future, made all the decisions, organised finance, controlled transactions and took all the risks.
• Robert Lane was in control of
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They also took over Marcs.
• In response to consumers increased demand for factory shops, Oroton set up its own factory outlets after 2001.
Economic Influences:
• Fluctuations in the levels of economic activity in Australia and especially in countries supplying Oroton with its products have directly affected sales.
• Periods of economic growth after WWII saw extraordinary levels of sales between 1945 and 1960.
• Until the 1970s Oroton’s main products were lady’s fashion accessories and being luxury items, felt the consequences of a downturn in economic activity.
• Oroton managed to use an effective marketing campaign to overcome the problem.
Geographic Influences:
• International expansion began with NZ in the 1950s and in 1986 to the US. OrotonGroup lacked the international recognition of some of its competitors but this has been of set by the licence signing of the internationally know Polo Ralph Lauren for Australia and NZ.

Social Influences:
• Increased tourism in Australia generated sales.
• Failure to keep up to date with market research of consumer tastes and fashion trends affected sales greatly.
• By 1992 the perception had developed that Oroton was the older more conservative demography and there was a decrease in sales.
• The purchase of the Marcs and Morissey brands reflect the companies push towards a democrat that is younger and has more disposable

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