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Toyota Motor Corporation is a Japanese multinational automobile company since 1937 found by Kiichiro Toyoda. It is currently directed by Akio Toyoda. Toyota is a large company that currently work with 331,876 employees since March, 2013. (Toyota, 2013). As most successful companies, Toyota had its great moment of success in the United States. Due to acceleration issues on its automobiles, the company was recalled for safety risks in 6 million of its cars, and Toyota’s reputation really suffered from it.

However, the company has been producing and creating cars as today it has a range of 22 automobiles model. They create different body types such as cars, hybrids, crossovers, SUVs, trucks, and minivans. The automobile company
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Toyota could use more advertising to raise awareness about the Yaris and convince the generation Y since its Toyota’s main target market. This communication technique impact the affective component which appeals to consumers’ feelings and emotional reactions to a product, because it leads marketers to differenciate the utilitarian or functional benefits to attitudes from hedonic or emotional benefits (Marketing Techniques, 2013). Therefore, companies can use better strategies based on consumers reactions and feedback to enhance the quality and performance of the products, as well as raise awareness about the specific product. Toyota may use advertising through the affective component to change young buyers attitude toward cars such as the Yaris.

* Internet Marketing is a sort of advertising that mainly proceeds online. Since the Internet has become easily accessible to everyone, many people do their primary research about a product online. Thus,

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companies have customized their web pages because they are the first impression to the online clientele about the company. Moreover, Internet Marketing is progressively becoming more popular because over 80 percent of consumers are looking for products and tend to shop online. Consequently, Toyota can take advantage of Internet

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