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Amanda Gross
Ms. Jessica Madinger
Comp 101 C
9 November 2015
Business Marketing Management Outline
Business has several majors to seek, such as: Accounting, Economics, Administration, Marketing, International business, Entrepreneurship, and lastly Management. A business degree has many of opportunities. This paper is going to specifically focus on Management which you can get a minor in marketing, which would be called marketing management. Management has several classes to can take, and several of careers to pursue. Those classes are similar to other professions; Marketing and Administration which have similar classes to take. Business Management was essentially created around 7200 B.C., the Ubaidians, of Sumer created the first civilization and invented agriculture, trade, and establish industries (Gill 1). In the 19th century Business management was officially considered a notable group (Gill 1). Sumerologist Samuel Noah Kramer said, "No people has contributed more to the culture of mankind than the Sumerians” (Longeria 1). To be in Business Management, people need to consider the tasks, knowledge, skills, training and education, abilities, salary and wages, certifications, and lastly the job availability. Business management gives many opportunities, but requires certain tasks, skills abilities, and knowledge. There are several of careers to pick in management, but specifically in this paper it will talk about business management.
There are many types of managers,…
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