Business Memorandum Analyzing Market Feasibility in India

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BUSINESS MEMORANDUM analysis, the following conclusions were derived: 1. Scale the Philippines facilities to increase the production of parts and products created to supply the orders from the Asian markets, while decreasing the U.S. production. The countries in Asia we are targeting as part of our strategy are in high demand for our products as part of their global expansion and tourism. 2. Seeking legal expert opinion to identify all legal aspects for conducting business in India, as this country is one of our major targets. The logistics and trade implementations present several weaknesses that make the current legal data unreliable. I recommend that we assess best practices in the international sector and mirror for our…show more content…
The local laws restrict any foreign business with a local presence in India to take the profits out of the country and can only be used to reinvest in India. This presents a great thread to our business model and deep legal considerations are required. Our contract resides in the U.S. and 80 percent of the agreement is to supply the equipment to the hotel project. However, the remaining 20 percent of the equipment, as stipulated in the agreement, is to be utilized at the convention center. As stakeholders, I recommend hiring an outside consulting firm that specializes in Indian trade to advise on the best legal course of action. Business Ethics On the business ethics side, the business world requires a greater effort, thought and execution from corporations in general as well as social responsibility and propaganda. It is important to combine the social responsibility factors with your goals as stakeholders and my goals as an executive to ensure the company’s resources are optimized to ensure profitability. Finding the balance in between social responsibility, business ethics and profitability is the key factor. Moreover, applying good business practices to ensure the business and the people around it are taken into consideration, would ensure the values of our business ethics. “The decision made by the company should consider the impact it would have not only on the

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