Business Mission Statement Of Ebay

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Shelli Dial BA301- 002 Homework Assignment 2 EBay Inc (“Connecting buyers to the world’s inventory”) Internal performance “EBay Inc. enables commerce by delivering flexible and scalable solutions that foster merchant growth.” The business mission statement of eBay is a visualization of global, social, and entrepreneurial trading that is making achievable by eBay 's Internet commerce systems and services. The mission statement of the eBay company plainly describes the visualization of what eBay has and will maintain to produce for buyers and sellers associated in the virtual world: EBay Inc states”At eBay, our mission is to provide a global online marketplace where practically anyone can trade practically anything, enabling economic opportunity around the world” (eBay Inc..) To clarify is to describe the "how" of eBay 's business; eBay has formed "Who We Are" testaments, which are in actuality brand identity statements, although eBay possibly will not be formally branded that by eBay 's leaders. EBay states "Who We Are”: "Global Commerce Leadership EBay presents a robust proposal where merchants of all sizes can participate and succeed. EBay mission is to become mobile, EBay will open up new traditions for consumers to shop and pay for any connected piece of equipment. This mission will have Consumer Experience how eBay gives power to consumers to “buy and sell anything, anytime, anywhere"(EBay Inc). Historical Stock Year Ended December 31, 2013 High Low First
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