Business Model And How Their Succes Has Affected On The Corporate Social Responsibility

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Nowadays there are many successful companies in the world, but the fact is that Walmart Inc. is the most competent in their industry. Their strategies and business model have led them to achieve success and make them the worlds largest retailer. In this essay I will analyze Walmarts business model and how their succes has affected to the Corporate Social Responsibility.

First of all, what does Corporate Social Responsibility means? When we are talking about corporate responsibility, we talk about active and voluntary social, economic and environmental improvement contribution from companies, with the aim of improving their competitive position and their added value.
Social responsibility is giving special attention to their workers and
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Its business concept is the convenience store low price and high volume, discount stores, supermarkets and hypermarkets. Sam Walton, a leader with an innovative vision, started his own company and became the leader in retail. Through understanding, and sometimes unusual practices in business, led the company forward for thirty years. Walmart executives continue to rely on many targets and traditional philosophies than its predecessor left behind while simultaneously always one step ahead of technology and methods that changing environment. The organization has faced a significant amount of controversy over various issues; however, none of these has made great effect on the progress of this gigantic operation.
The future also looks bright for Walmart, especially if you can strike a comfortable balance between increasing profits and recognition of its social responsibilities and ethical.

Walton had a reputation for caring about their customers, their employees and the community. To maintain its market in the retail discount, Wal-Mart executives continue to develop management guidelines in accordance with the principles of Walton.
The word "always" can be seen in almost all the literature of Walmart. One of the deepest beliefs of Walton was that the customer is always right, and shops are mainly produced by this philosophy.
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