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E-BUSINESS ANALYSIS OF REAL ESTATE COMPANIES Delvin Grant, DePaul University, USA Email: Emna Cherif, DePaul University, USA Email: ABSTRACT We analyzed the e-business websites of,, and We looked at the similarities and differences between them and how e-business components help differentiate one company from another and the role this plays in contributing to their success. We looked at which business model components, such as value proposition, target customers, distribution channels, and revenue streams, are important. The type of e-business models each company used and the ones that are more successful were investigated. We discovered some similarities…show more content…
Dubosson-Torbay et al. (2002) identify the principal dimensions--user’s role, interaction pattern, nature of the offering, pricing system, level of customization, and economic control--for classifying e-business models. Rappa (2001) describes companies by their value proposition and ways of generating revenue. His classification has nine categories of e-business models: brokerage model, advertising model, infomediary model, merchant model, manufacturer model, affiliate model, community model, subscription model and utility model. E-business models are comprised of a set of components so we need to choose the appropriate application framework to define the relationship between them. The growth of e-business has raised interest in transforming traditional business models to exploit opportunities through innovation (Pateli and Giaglis, 2003). The internet has changed the idea of a business model and this has practical implications for companies. Consequently, companies need to redefine customer value propositions, and their business model. Enhancing customer experience helps to reshape customer value propositions (Berman and Bell, 2011). Creating new digital capabilities helps to refine the operating model by leveraging information to manage organizations, and integrating and optimizing digital and physical components (Berman and Bell, 2011). Effective use of e-business models depends on the economic environment, market and industry conditions, and the internal and external

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