Business Model Innovation For Threadless Online Apparel Store

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Business Model Innovation


Name:Shashidhar reddy venkatraopet
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Table of Contents

1. Introduction -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------3
2. Business Model Approach ------------------------------------------------------------------4
3. Business Model Innovation ----------------------------------------------------------------4
4. Conceptualizing Business Model Innovation --------------------------------------------5
5. Business Model Innovation for Threadless Online Apparel store --------------------6
6. Conclusion ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------7
7. References ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------8

1. Introduction Organisations are commonly known as open system which operates under the conditions of substantial risk, uncertainty and turbulence. The organisations are seeking to balance coherence and stability with well flexibility and balance stability and varying of higher level of efficacy. And Organisations survive, prosper and exists on the basic value of proposition, where it means creating a thing not for profits and not destroy the values. Business model in the organisation helps to capture, redistribute and unlock in an efficient manner. Business Model Innovation in organisations are the concept based on doing the innovative by depending on their resources and internal

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