Business Model Innovation : Opportunities And Barriers

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Business Model Innovation: Opportunities and barriers (Chesbrough, H. 2010) Introduction The title is about the business Model and is more focused on innovation in Business Model and how this strategy is helpful in boosting up the business and economic outputs of a company. This article illustrates that if two companies have same inputs and capabilities the economic outcomes will be dependent on the business strategy adopted. This article was written by the author “Henry Chesbrough” who is a theorist, a professor and “executive director of the Garwood Centre for Corporate Innovation at the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley”. He is in a strong position and suitable for writing about business Model innovations. The point he clarifies in the article is: the reason behind different economic outputs and success of two companies having same idea and technology is only the business strategy and innovation, the way technology is marketed and presented is the key factor. I agree with the author’s opinion as the Business strategy and innovation is the major factor in the success of any Business. It is evident from the theory and practical experience I have that the companies having an innovative Business model are successful as compared to others, even within the same company some of the projects gain success while others get terminated on the desire of researcher or being not supported internally by the company. This was observed by the author while
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