Business Negotiation Dynamics

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BUSINESS NEGOTIATION DYNAMICS How can negotiations be made more amenable to women's own voices? Do you think negotiation styles within organizations and society writ large are changing as more and more women are found in leadership roles? It would be difficult to make negotiations more amenable to women's own voices starting at the point where organizational roles and behavioral norms are already established. For that to happen, it is likely that active listening would have to be taught more generally to all future professionals. By the time women are in the professional position to engage in negotiations, they are already at a significant disadvantage for at least two reasons. First, they have been socialized to listen to others as much as they expect to be listened to; second, they still work in an environment where their display of the same communications behaviors as men is typically viewed pejoratively, such as by characterizations such as "bitchy" or "bossy" or "aggressive." I think women still fill far fewer leadership roles than they should in terms of their qualifications. It is still the case that men have a tremendous advantage in that they are expected to be leaders and that their acting like leaders is seen by others as entirely appropriate. Conversely, when women display the exact same behaviors and skills, they earn unfair reputations for being "demanding." Until society does a better job of breaking down the social expectations about how men and women are
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