Business Negotiation Solutions Inc.

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According to research published from Business Negotiation Solutions inc, that was done over a four year period, there are key characteristics that are essential when conducting or trying to deliver a negotiation. Their findings reveal five different key areas that are central to negotiated success: being able to see the “big picture,” creating options, occupying a high moral ground, spending time developing a negotiation plan, and also the ability to know and understand different strengths and weakness in terms of trying to get a success negotiated agreement (Dietmeyer, 2008). Having the ability to see the “big picture” means that during the negotiation people understand what is important and what each vested interests wants as an outcome. You have to look pasts “positions” and really get to what the “why” people are negotiating and understand what common ground exists between people disputing people (Dietmeyer, 2008). Next, in a negotiation, people have to generate and explore options for a mutually beneficial agreement. The key here is to uncover options that are outside of the realm of the dispute. When it comes to matters of treating other with dignity and respect during a negotiation, the rule of reciprocity states that we will return to others the form of behavior exhibited towards us. While this may be acceptable and work most of the time, one could also attest that we can be tough on issues while treating people with dignity and respect at all time (Dietmeyer,
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