Business Objectives Of A Robust Health Bar Essay

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Executive Summary 3
Introduction 4
Management Structure 4
Business Objectives 5
Micro and Macro Environment 5
The marketing plan. 7
Financial Plan. 12

Executive Summary

Robust Health Bar was established in 2016 with the key purpose of fitness. It has a main aim of making fresh fruit juices and various health shakes available to all students, whether you visit the gym regularly or not. Robust Health Bars are set up in gym facilities over the four UJ Campuses for those who enjoy working out and also in the Student Centers for the students who are always on the go but still value their health states.

Robust Health Bar plans to ensure an excellence in the quality of its products by using a highly qualified and dedicated management and human resources team and by using fresh fruit that are locally sourced. This will ensure that the logistics costs are reduced and that time is saved.
Robust Health Bar aims to attain a turnover of R20 000 in the first year of operations.
A detailed growth plan is further discussed in the plan. The business will also use funds of R95 000 which will go toward purchasing the required equipment that will ensure the on-going operations of the business and also the marketing and promotional aspects that will allow information about the product to reach the relevant targeted market.
Robust Health Bar places the need of the consumers first and unlike the competition, the business allows the consumer to
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