Business Objectives Of Qantas Airways Limited

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Introduction: Qantas is established in the Queensland outback in 1920 and after that it has become biggest domestic and international airline and strong brand in the Australia. It is enrolled as the Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services Limited (QANTAS) and the group two airlines brands are Qantas and Jetstar those provides transportation services of the customers. Qantas created its strong brand reputation through deliver safe and secure services, focus on customer services, maintain reliability of operations and focus on maintenance, engineering and technology (Qantas Airways Limited, 2014). Quanta main business aims or objectives are: To maximize shareholder value through a systematic, disciplined, reliable, ethical, and ongoing process of supply of goods or services. Provide full value of money for customers through reduce cost and enhance level of quality (Qantas Airways Limited, 2014). To reduce risks of financial, commercial, legal, operational, and sustainable. These main business objectives help the airline to focus on deliver quality services of the customers. Qantas main business is passengers transports and it is the world’s second oldest airlines. Qantas group operates approx 5600 flights in a weak in 59 cities of regional areas. Internationally, the group operates around 970 flights (Qantas-630 and Jetstar-340) in 44 counties 182 destinations. Moreover, through operations the group focused on five key elements that are right aircraft or right
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