Business Of Being Born

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Watching this video was eye opening for me, this was the first time I have ever hear about this documentary and I wish I had known about this sooner. The video was very interesting and had very good information. The film "The Business of being born" made a lot of sense and it made me wonder if my C-section was even necessary, I had always thought that I was going to have a regular birth and my family expected the same thing. My grandmother had seven kids which include 2 pairs of twins and she had natural births for all their children and she had them in her house with the help of a local midwife, she always talked about how back them having kids was a normal thing and doctors weren't needed. But now most of the births are in hospitals and with the help of a whole medical team. Some of the things that were familiar to me was that women are deciding that having their babies at hospitals is the…show more content…
The problems in our medical system is that they don’t treat and see pregnancies and labor as a natural stage that a women may have, they want to treat it as a medical conditions and is not we as women are able to give birth and survive without any drugs women in the past did it and we can also do it. Pregnancies and births are a business in todays society and hospitals and doctors are the ones that are making a great profit from this. One thing that can be done to help with this issues is educating women because most of us are very terrified of labor because is being portray as a very unpleasant experience, doctors should also have more experience on natural births since most of them don’t get to see a natural birth. Another things that can be done is for doctors to recommend women to have their kids in a natural way with out drugs and with midwives, also doctors should work more closely with
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