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Ethical and Moral Conduct Lester Gonzalez OMM640: Business Ethics and Social Responsibility Dr. Ronald Beach July 28, 2013 A code of ethics is important because it provides individuals within a group, organization, club or society with a set of rules, standards and guidelines to operate within. When employees don't have a code of ethics, they could engage in less-than-socially acceptable behavior. This can establish a bad reputation for an organization. When people don't obey the code of ethics it can tarnish their representative's as well as the group's or organization's reputations. This can diminish their standing in the community and have an unhealthy affect on business and sales Business organizations…show more content…
They must possess the skills and knowledge necessary to perform the functions of the auditing position and update their skills on an ongoing basis. If you are ready to start doing business on an international level, there are some considerations to keep in mind. These five tips will help to ensure a successful business venture in the global market. If you want to export goods to a particular country, make sure they have a need for your particular services or product. Most international businesses find multiple countries or locations that have a need for these items in order to ensure a steady and profitable revenue stream. - Become familiar with customs offices and legal policies. These rules and regulations can make or break your business. You should also carefully consider the local currency, cultural barriers and any other items that might deter the success of your business. Some goods or services may even face special tax rules or other fees that can greatly impact your profits in the international market. - Use local help. It is usually a good practice to hire local workers to assist you in your business. After all, they are more familiar with the country and cultural differences. It is almost always cheaper to hire local help that pay someone from your home country to travel overseas and work for you. - Carefully consider pricing. Consult with experts to determine a

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